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Dr. Kosta A. Koutoulas was born and raised in the Bay Area. After moving to Chicago to attend the Illinois College of Optometry, he witnessed firsthand the impact eye doctors can have on the lives of their patients. He was inspired by the mixture of mathematics and technology inherent to optometry work, as well as the opportunity to help people by restoring or improving their gift of vision.

In 2007, Dr. Koutoulas was thrilled to open his private optometry practice in Daly City. Today, he loves the time and flexibility that comes with running his own practice, giving his full attention to each patient, listening to their specific symptoms, and working with them to locate the source of an ocular problem.

Dr. Koutoulas believes that being psychologically and intellectually prepared is essential to the success of any treatment, so he works to educate patients about their condition, as well as the different treatment options that are available. Often times there is more than one solution to an ocular problem, and Dr. Koutoulas strives to work together with the patient in deciding the best course of action.

Using state-­of-­the-­art technology such as Zeiss corneal topographers, which map the shape and condition of your cornea, Dr. Koutoulas tailors contact lenses to fit your eye’s unique shape and needs. The Humphrey Visual Field analyzer is a great way to diagnose eye conditions that might be affecting a patient’s optic nerve, such as glaucoma. These images, along with pictures taken with our in-office technology, can be shared via smartphone or email, allowing patients to see exactly what Dr. Koutoulas is seeing. More than just offering great treatment, he wants to help each patient become an active participant in their own care.

I want everyone to be confident and comfortable with the care they’re receiving. I hope patients feel educated when they leave their first appointment, like they’ve learned something new.



Dr. Koutoulas is an avid runner, participating regularly in half­-marathons and Tough Mudders. He enjoys traveling, and he speaks three languages: Greek, English, and Spanish.

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Dr. Koutoulas is always looking for ways to expand his practice and offer more advanced treatments to his patients. He has been certified to treat patients suffering from glaucoma, a disease that impacts vision by damaging the optic nerve. He is also certified in corneal refractive therapy, a new, non­invasive method of vision correction that can improve sight with the use of glasses, contacts, or cornea surgery. He’s proud to be one of the only doctors in the country to offer this groundbreaking new method of treatment.



University of California, Los Angeles

BSc.Physiological Science



clinical rotations

Daytona Beach Veterans Hospital

  Ocular disease and primary eye care

San Diego Vision Development Center

  Pediatric and adult vision therapy and neurological development

Lawndale Christian Health Center

  Primary and urgent eye care

Illinois Eye Institute 

  Cornea and Contact Lens center

  Center for Advanced Ophthalmic care

   -Glaucoma section

Illinois College of Optometry


Orthokeratology training and myopia reduction 


San Mateo Optometric Association

Daly City Host Lions club eye provider, Daly City

VA/QTC eye provider- Veteran's compensation

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